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AniEd’s #100daysofenrichment will help you stay in line with a program of enrichment, a joyous project for you and your dog. We will provide you with daily challenges, that can be adjusted to suit your dog, their lifestyle, and even other species you live or work with.

We will be starting Monday 7th January and running through until mid-April. All the posts for this project will be archived here so you can find them easily and if you subscribe to this blog, each day’s challenge will be delivered straight to your inbox.

#100daysofenrichment What’s it all about?

The Nitty Gritty – all the whos, whats & hows of #100daysofenrichment

Enrichment Planning – to get the best out of this, enrichment must be enriching!

Safe & Sound – know your pet and their tendencies so we can keep enrichment safe!

Food and beyond – #100daysofenrichment will include ideas from lots of categories of enrichment, along with food

Stress: the good & the bad – enrichment should provide your pet with opportunities to practice good stress and it’s your job to prevent enrichment causing bad stress. Enrichment must be enriching!

Week 1 Equipment List – all you need for Week 1 challenges!

Day 1: Stuffables

Day 2 Play: Release the toy, release the joy

Day 3: Handling & Husbandry – Handling comfort

Day 4: Hanging out – Just Be

Day 5: Freestyle Friday

Day 6: Sniffing Saturday – Sniffathon!

Day 7: Sunday Funday!

Week 2 Equipment List

Day 8: Body Awareness – Cavaletti

Day 9: Busy Boxes

Day 10: Choice & Choosing – beds and bedding

Day 11: Chewing

Day 12: Freestyle Friday

Day 13: Sniffing Saturday – Scatter Feeding & Snuffling

Day 14: Sunday Fun Day

Week 3 Equipment List – all you need for the third week of challenges

Day 15 Targeting

Day 16 Tubs

Day 17 Handling & Husbandry: Comfort with Gear

Day 18 Eggboxes

Day 19 Freestyle Friday

Day 20 Sniffing Saturday – GO SNIFF!

Day 21 Sunday Funday

Week 4 Equipment List

Day 22 Body Awareness – Confidence Courses

Day 23 Pulleys

Day 24 Choice & Choosing – consent to touch

Day 25 Dissection & Destruction

Day 26 Freestyle Friday

Day 27 Sniffing Saturday: Adventure Time

Day 28 Sunday Fun Day

Week 5 Equipment List

Day 29 Blankets

Day 30 Digging

Day 31 Foraging Boxes

Day 32 Play: Fun with Food

Day 33 Freestyle Friday

Day 34 Sniffing Saturday: Sniffing & Engagement

Day 35 Sunday Fun day!

Week 6 Equipment List

Day 36 Choice & Choosing: reinforcement

Day 37 Lappables & Lickables

Day 38 Hanging Out: Massage & Mindfulness

Day 39 Bottles

Day 40 Freestyle Friday

Day 41 Sniffing Saturday Sniffing as a Reward

Day 42 Sunday Fun Day!

Week 7 Equipment List

Day 43 Fast & Fun Recalls

Day 44 Puzzle Chains

Day 45 Hanging out – on the road

Day 46 Teasers

Day 47 Freestyle Friday

Day 48 Sniffing Saturday – SNIFFING STATIONS

Day 49 Sunday Fun day!

Week 8 Equipment List 

Day 50 Body Awareness – rear end awareness

Day 51 Compound Puzzles

Day 52 Your Favourite Trick!

Day 53 Suspended Puzzles Pt1

Day 54 Freestyle Friday

Day 55 Sniffing Saturday – Sniffing Courses

Day 56 Sunday Fun day!

Week 9 Equipment List

Day 57 Rollercoaster Games

Day 58 Paper

Day 59 Engagement Games

Day 60 “Middle”

Day 61 Freestyle Friday

Day 62 Sniffing Saturday: Searches & Scavenger Hunts

Day 63 Sunday Fun Day!

Week 10 Equipment List

Day 64 DIY Nail Care

Day 65 Loose leash walking doesn’t have to be boring!

Day 66 Transferring Cues

Day 67 Suspended Puzzles Pt. 2

Day 68 Freestyle Friday

Day 69 Sniffing Saturday: Drag Hunts

Day 70 Sunday Fun day!

Week 11 Equipment List

Day 71 Chasing!

Day 72 Food Dispensers

Day 73 Play: Be Goofy!

Day 74 Snuffle Roll Ups

Day 75 Freestyle Friday

Day 76 Sniffing Saturday – SNIFFARI

Day 77 Sunday Fun day!

Week 12 Equipment List

Day 78 Freeshaping

Day 79 Box o’ Stuffables

Day 80 Hanging Out: Entertainment for Dogs!

Day 81 Bringing the Smellside Inside

Day 82 Freestyle Friday

Day 83 Sniffing Saturday – Cup Game

Day 84 Sunday Fun day

Week 13 Equipment List

Day 85 Tubes!

Day 86 Play: the toy isn’t the reward

Day 87 Stacked Puzzles

Day 88 Suspended Teasers

Day 89 Freestyle Friday

Day 90 Sniffing Saturday – Where’s my keys?

Day 91 Sunday Fun day!

The Last Equipment List

Day 92 Winebox Puzzles Pt. 1

Day 93 Watersports

Day 94 Winebox Puzzles Pt.2

Day 95 Grasses

Day 96 Freestyle Friday

Day 97 Sniffing Saturday – SNIFFARI (again)

Day 98 Sunday fun day!

Day 99 Pockets

Day 100 Pockets (again)

Day 101…what now?

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