Train Your Dog Month 2016


Why not include your dog in this year’s New Year’s resolutions?

January 2016 will be Train Your Dog Month number 6!

To celebrate AniEd will be bringing you a month of training plans to help your dog learn vital skills to help him or her become the perfect pet.

Each week we will give you 3-5 exercises to work on and invite you to share pictures and videos of your progress so that we can offer continued support.

All you need to do is tune in to our new blog each day during January and practice the exercises for no more than ten minutes per day.
Yep, just ten minutes each day can help you teach your dog some great new behaviours that will make your lives together better.

It all kicks off on Monday 4th January so get ready!

Our Train Your Dog Month 2016 program:

What’s this program all about?

Before we start with our first game…

Week 1

What do I need for Week 1?

Week 1 Earn Your Keep

Training Game 1


Training Game 1 again today!

Top Training Tips: Is a tired dog really a good dog?

Training Game 2

Clicks+Treats for our fab followers!

Training Game 3

Training Game 3 reminder

Training Game 4

Need an enthusiasm-injection…?

Week 1 Bonus Challenge

Week 2

Week 2 Keep Calm & Settle Down

Training Game 1 Up & Down

Training Game 2 Capturing Calmness

Relaxing Revision Day

Top Training Tips: Pay the Dog

Training Game 3 Parking Your Pup

Training Game 4 Massage

Training Game 5 Shaping Calmness

Week 2 Bonus Challenge

Week 3

Week 3 Patience Pays

Training Game 1 No Mugging!

Training Game 2 Doggie Zen Level 1

Training Game 3 Doggie Zen Level 2

Training Game 4 Doggie Zen Level 3

Training Game 5 Doggie Zen level 4

Training Game 6 Living the Doggie Zen Life

Week 3 Bonus Challenge

Week 4

Week 4 Fine-tune Focus

Training Game 1 Find my Face

Training Game 2 LOOK!

Training Game 3 Go be a dog!

Training Game 4 Environmental cues for focus

Training Game 5 Distractions

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