Day 65 Loose Leash Walking doesn’t have to be boring!

Day 65! LLW is much easier if the dog wants to choose to walk close to you!

AniEd Ireland

Welcome to Day 65 of #100daysofenrichment and thank you for joining us on this journey!

Although our challenges are directed mainly at dogs, we want all species to enjoy and benefit from #100daysofenrichment so, please join in, adjust and adapt to help your pet or companion live a more enriched life.

Don’t forget to review all the information leading up to #100daysofenrichment and more here on playing safe. Know your dog!

Loose Leash Walking doesn’t have to be boring

At a glance:

  • simple and fun games to boost engagement and choice
  • your dog chooses to walk close to you without a lead, so that it’s easier when they are on lead
  • engagement games, like these, teach the dog to choose you, even when you don’t have treats or toys, and even when there are distractions
  • we start with simple training games and build toward more and more engagement
  • cognitive…

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