Day 42 Sunday Fun day!

Day 42! Another Sunday Funday…

AniEd Ireland

Welcome to Day 42 of #100daysofenrichment and thank you for joining us on this journey!

Although our challenges are directed mainly at dogs, we want all species to enjoy and benefit from #100daysofenrichment so, please join in, adjust and adapt to help your pet or companion live a more enriched life.

Don’t forget to review all the information leading up to #100daysofenrichment and more here on playing safe. Know your dog!


Every Sunday during #100daysofenrichment is Sunday Funday! This means you and your pet repeat your favourite challenge or challenges from the week.

You can do it exactly as you did first time round, you can try a different option, build on your progress already established, reinvent and rejig it…what ever you want to do with the last week of challenges!

Monday Day 36 Choice & Choosing: reinforcement

Tuesday Day 37 Lappables & Lickables

Wednesday Day 38 Hanging Out:…

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