Weekly Woof from the Web

Yes, there’s been a bit of a gap but there’s just so much good stuff out there that we have more for you…

petting cats

Petting your cat, a bit like a minefield? This guide may help you understand feline behaviour a little better!

It’s never easy, but how do you know? How to say goodbye

Smoking has an effect on our pet’s health, with increased risks associated with various cancers: Are dogs who live with smokers more likely to get cancer?

Some pretty nifty training here to make your dog into man’s best friend, truly:


Really nice introduction to Crate Training – such an important skill for your dog to have, training that will pay back dividends!

Summer and autumn are the perfect times to get out there walking with your dog – check out some safety guidelines from Ordinance Survey Ireland.

Lots of ideas for homemade dog toys here and here!

Have fun with flirt poles:


Labeling breed characteristics in mixed breeds dogs is tricky and best left out – it’s a complex business: My dog is quarter wolf

There’s still plenty of summer sunshine owed to us so being aware of some of the basic care principles needed for pets in warm weather is important:

Perfect for a lazy long weekend…



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